Embrace Autumn: Create a Cosy Retreat with Lifestyle Garden Furniture at Shackletons


As summer’s vibrant colours and balmy evenings give way to autumn’s crisp air and warm hues, the garden becomes a tranquil retreat. Autumn invites you to slow down, cosy up, and enjoy the transformative beauty around you. It’s an opportune moment to turn your garden into a space of relaxation and enjoyment, and Shackletons’ range of Lifestyle Garden Furniture is the perfect companion for this seasonal transformation.

Autumn: A Time for Outdoor Comfort and Style

You may think that garden enjoyment ends with summer, but those with a true passion for outdoor living know that autumn can provide some of the most rewarding moments. The subtle rustle of leaves and the vibrant reds and oranges make autumn a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors.

To fully appreciate these autumnal delights, comfortable and stylish garden furniture is a must. And this is where Lifestyle Garden comes into the picture. Here at Shackletons, we have a carefully curated collection that helps transform your outdoor space into a warm, inviting haven where you can enjoy the crisp fall days.

Lifestyle Garden Furniture in Autumn

The Lifestyle Garden range available at Shackletons Home and Garden provides durable furniture that offers both style and comfort. With a diverse collection that caters to different tastes and needs, there is something for everyone.

Imagine cosying up with your morning coffee on the Bahama Collection Corner Coffee Set creating, the perfect setting to enjoy the changing leaves, or consider hosting a snug evening gathering with the Bahama Collection Chaise Lounge Set. Made from high-quality, sustainable, materials, these pieces are designed to withstand the elements and provide comfort throughout the changing seasons.

Furniture Covers

As much as we enjoy the natural splendour of autumn, we must acknowledge the harshness of its weather elements. Fallen leaves, wind, and rain can all take a toll on your beloved Lifestyle Garden Furniture. Investing in high-quality furniture covers is an effective way to prolong life and maintain the aesthetics of your garden furniture.

Lifestyle Garden furniture covers, available here at Shackletons Home and Garden, are designed with durability and practicality in mind. They provide an ideal fit for your furniture pieces, offering superior protection against the elements. With these covers, you can ensure that your stylish, comfortable outdoor haven remains in prime condition throughout the season, ready to provide an inviting space for relaxation when you need it.

Preparing your Garden for Autumn

Now that we’ve discussed furniture, let’s focus on how to prepare your garden for the season.

Autumn Clean-up

Start with a thorough cleanup. Remove any summer blooms that are past their prime, trim back overgrown plants, and rake up fallen leaves. This gives your garden a fresh start for the season.

Planting for Autumn

Incorporate plants that bloom in autumn to ensure your garden continues to be colourful and attractive. Some examples are fuchsia, aster, and chrysanthemum.


As days become shorter, adding warm, soft lighting can make your garden feel magical. Lanterns, fairy lights, or solar lights can illuminate your Lifestyle Garden furniture, creating a cosy ambience for evening relaxation.


Add autumnal accessories like cushions and throws to your Lifestyle Garden furniture. Earth-toned or vibrant hues can add warmth and make the space more inviting.

Engage in Autumnal Activities

Your garden, now cosy, inviting and autumn-friendly, is a hub for engaging activities. From leisurely reading and meditating to hosting a fall-themed party or even a Halloween bash, your garden becomes an outdoor extension of your home.

Autumn is also the perfect time to engage in nature-based crafts. Whether it’s creating leaf art, pressing flowers, or carving pumpkins, these activities can be enjoyed in the comfortable setting of your Lifestyle Garden furnished space.

Autumn with Shackletons

Embracing autumn in your garden is about more than just adjusting to the change in temperature and light. It’s about enhancing your outdoor lifestyle, enjoying the unique gifts of the season, and creating a cosy retreat. With Lifestyle Garden at Shackletons, you’re investing in comfort, style, and a whole new way to appreciate autumn.

As we prepare to welcome autumn in September 2023, visit Shackletons Home and Garden or browse our website to explore the exquisite range of Lifestyle Garden furniture. Enhance your outdoor living experience and relish the autumnal beauty from the comfort of your garden. Browse our collection online today or call us on 01200 444488 or email hello@shackletonsonline.co.uk for any enquiries and a member of our team will be happy to help!

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