The Lifestyle Garden Nassau Collection: The Epitome of Eco-Friendly Garden Furniture

When choosing outdoor furniture, environmental impact is a factor that is not usually considered. Rethink how you shop for outdoor furniture with the Lifestyle Garden Nassau Collection – transform your outdoor space whilst supporting a business that is committed to sustainability. The Lifestyle Garden Nassau collection from Shackletons offers vibrant colours to bring brightness and fun into your garden. This outdoor furniture line combines modern aesthetics, unmatched comfort, and ecological responsibility, catering to those who appreciate both style and sustainability in their garden.

Eco-Friendly Luxury

The Nassau Collection stands out with its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Each piece is meticulously crafted using DuraOcean© technology, a process that turns marine plastic waste into a durable, attractive material. Combatting plastic pollution with quality, recycled materials, this lines up perfectly with Shackletons’ own ethos. The collection is fully recyclable, meaning it can be disposed of with zero harm to the environment.

Promoting sustainable practices, the recycled materials and specially engineered plastics are free from harmful chemicals, meaning they not only look and feel great but are eco-friendly too! Choose from Shackletons’ extensive range and take the next step into forward-thinking furniture design.

A Glimpse into the Nassau Collection

Whilst being extremely sustainable, the collection offers a distinctive look and a refreshing style for your garden. Designed for those who appreciate stylish, comfortable, and eco-friendly garden furnishings, this collection promises to transform your outdoor space into a chic garden retreat. The Nassau collection from Lifestyle Garden is a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and sustainability.

Practicality and Design

Presenting a perfect synergy of vibrant colours and robust durability, its exquisite design, weatherproof materials, and innovative eco-conscious composition make it an irresistible addition to any outdoor setting.

The minimalist yet refined design effortlessly brings a distinctive charm, appealing to those who appreciate modern aesthetics whilst promoting environmentally friendly practices.

Comfort Redefined with Nassau Outdoor Furniture

Every piece in the Nassau collection is designed with your comfort in mind; whilst lounging under the sun or enjoying an outdoor meal, the ergonomic design of these garden furnishings ensures a relaxing experience for all to enjoy.

Unleash Your Creativity with Versatile Styling

The Nassau collection’s versatility can complement any garden décor style, from contemporary minimalism to traditional charm. Discover some of the pieces we stock here at Shackletons:

The vibrant colours of the collection are the perfect way to add interest to your garden, brighten a patio with the pink dining chairs or create a colourful corner with the yellow bistro set. Discover the versatility as the entire collection can be purchased as a set or separately, meaning that you can be as bold as you like when choosing your colour combinations.

Imagine the round coffee set tucked into a cosy corner in your garden, somewhere you can escape and enjoy your morning coffee or share a drink at the end of the week. The dining sets are perfect for summer barbecues, the bright colours will stand out in your garden whilst offering a comfortable place to enjoy your meal.

An Enduring Investment with Shackleton’s Nassau Collection

The Nassau collection promises lasting enjoyment. The high-quality materials and the innovative DuraOcean® plastic are designed to withstand the elements and ensure durability and longevity.

The Nassau Collection: Your Gateway to an Enriched Outdoor Lifestyle

With the Lifestyle Garden Nassau collection from Shackletons Home and Garden, you are not just purchasing furniture but curating a luxurious outdoor lifestyle. Experience the blend of style, sustainability, and comfort that this collection provides, and redefine your outdoor living experience.

This July, we invite you to immerse yourself in the Nassau collection. Let Shackletons Home and Garden help you create an outdoor retreat where every day is a holiday, and every moment is to be savoured.

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