How to Take Care of Your Lifestyle Garden Furniture this Autumn: Top Tips to Battle Rain, Wind, & Temperature

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Autumn, a season of colours, cosy moments, and unpredictable weather. For those who pride themselves on their Lifestyle Garden Furniture, it’s time to think about how you can protect it during these autumn months. At Shackletons, we understand the importance of ensuring the longevity of your garden furniture. Wind, rain, and fluctuating temperatures can be harsh on outdoor furniture. It might be Halloween soon, but fear not! This October, we’re giving you a comprehensive guide on how to ensure your furniture stands the test of time.

The Autumn Challenge – Rain, Wind, and Temperature

Before delving into our guide on how to protect your garden furniture from the weather, it’s important to understand the challenges. Rain can cause mould, mildew, and rot; strong winds can topple lightweight items; and temperature fluctuations can lead to material wear and tear, especially for wood. When caring for Lifestyle Garden Furniture throughout the colder seasons, it is important to be aware of the different types of damage and how to prevent and fix it.

Covers – The First Line of Defence

Arguably the most efficient way to protect your garden furniture is with covers. When we talk about quality and durability, Lifestyle Garden Furniture covers are the gold standard.

Custom Fit 

Lifestyle Garden Furniture covers are specifically made for Lifestyle Garden Furniture – they fit perfectly, preventing the cover from lifting up and water seeping in. There are covers for dining, lounge, and bistro sets. Lifestyle Garden also offers covers for parasols, liners for cushion boxes, and a support and weight set to ensure the secure fit of your cover. This support stops water from pooling in the centre and the weights help keep the cover tight even in the case of strong winds.

Materials Matters 

Lifestyle Garden furniture covers are water-resistant, UV-protected, and breathable. This will ensure that your furniture stays dry, doesn’t fade, and won’t trap moisture which can lead to mould.

Easy Maintenance

Regularly brush off leaves and debris from your cover. This prevents moisture buildup and potential mould. It’s easier to clean a cover than it is to replace or repair damaged furniture.

Wood Protectors – Shielding Your Furniture

Here at Lifestyle Garden, we offer many outdoor furniture options made out of eucalyptus woods, and maintaining this wood’s look is essential. That’s why we can provide an array of wood cleaning and protection products to ensure your wood furniture stays in pristine condition.

Wood Cleaner

Start with the Lifestyle Garden Wood Cleaner Solution, this product will clean the wood and bring it back to its original colour.

Wood Sealer

Next, the Lifestyle Garden Wood Sealer maintains the original colour for a longer period of time, perfect to prevent discolouration.

Wood Protector

Finally, our Lifestyle Garden Wood Protector ensures hardwood is water and dirt-repellent; this invisible protector coats the wood and makes it difficult for stains to seep in.

Additional Pro Tips

Positioning is key

Where you place your furniture matters. If possible, place your furniture in sheltered areas or against walls to provide added protection from wind and rain.

Secure Lightweight Pieces

Autumn winds can be surprisingly strong. Secure lightweight items or consider storing them indoors during particularly windy days.


Make it a habit to check your outdoor furniture even when it’s not in use. Wipe off accumulated water, tighten any loose screws, and look for any signs of wear and tear.


Autumn is a reminder of nature’s ever-evolving beauty. By taking proactive measures, your Lifestyle Garden Furniture can echo this sentiment season after season. Invest in premium covers, use quality wood cleaners and protectors, and follow our practical tips to enjoy pristine furniture even as the leaves fall.

As we welcome in autumn, visit Shackletons Home and Garden or browse our website to explore the fantastic range of Lifestyle Garden Furniture. Take in the beauty of autumn in the comfort of your garden, whilst knowing you’re taking care of your beloved furniture properly. Browse our collection online today. Have a question? Call us at 01200 444499 or email for any enquiries and a member of our team will be happy to help.  ome

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