Winter-Proofing your Garden Furniture: Tips and Tricks

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As winter approaches, a garden’s vibrant colours and buzzing life often give way to tranquillity, frosty mornings, and the occasional snowfall. While the seasonal transition is undeniably picturesque, the winter months can be taxing on our beloved garden furniture. Here at Shackletons Home and Garden, we understand your desire to keep your Lifestyle Garden Furniture in tip-top condition. After all, these pieces have been the backdrop to countless summer memories. Join us as we offer you tips and tricks on how to take the best care of your garden furniture during the winter months.

The Essentials of Winter Protection

The first step in ensuring your furniture’s longevity is understanding the primary threats of winter: moisture, temperature fluctuations, fluctuations, and protecting your furniture from flying debris and prolonged UV exposure. These factors can lead to rust, mould, fading, and even structural damage.

Covering and Storing

Lifestyle Garden Furniture Covers: One of the most straightforward solutions to protect your garden furniture is employing high-quality covers. Lifestyle Garden Furniture Covers are tailor-made to shield your tables, chairs, loungers, and more. They ensure your furniture is kept clean, dry, and ready for springtime.

Cushion/Storage Boxes by Lifestyle Garden: Your cushions, as comfy as they might be, are vulnerable to mould and mildew if left out during the winter months. Lifestyle Garden Storage Boxes can store your cushions and anything else that is normally left out in your garden like children’s toys or blankets. These storage boxes keep your belongings clean and dry and ensure they remain in top condition for the next summer season.

Storing v Covering: If you have the luxury of space, storing your furniture indoors, such as in a shed or garage, offers maximum protection. However, if you still plan to enjoy your garden in the winter months, using Lifestyle Garden Covers will protect your furniture whilst keeping it accessible.

Dive into Cleaning Before Winter Hits

Accumulated dirt and grime can seep into materials over time, especially during the wet winter months, leading to potential stains and damage. Cleaning your furniture before covering or storing it ensures you’ll be greeted with a pristine setup come spring.

Caring for Various Materials

Different materials require different care. Here’s a quick guide to maintaining the beauty and integrity of your Lifestyle Garden Furniture:

Eucalyptus Wood: Clean using mild soap or a specialist wood cleaner, like the one offered by Lifestyle Garden. Avoid using aggressive cleaning products or wire brushes.

Wicker: The material of wicker furniture makes cleaning with a rag difficult, and dirt can accumulate in the gaps between the woven basket material. The most effective way to clean this type of furniture is with a pressure washer, use a low-pressure setting and keep your distance so you don’t damage the furniture.

Aluminium: The best way to clean aluminium furniture is with a sponge and a mild soap. For any rust stains or dirt that won’t come off with a sponge, a pressure washer on a high setting is the best way to get those stains off.

Final Tips for Winter Proofing

Positioning: If possible, place your furniture in a sheltered spot in your garden. This can reduce exposure to rain, wind and snow.

Regular Checks: If you’ve chosen to cover your furniture, check on it now and then. Make sure covers are secure and that no water or pests have found their way underneath.

Maintenance: Keep an eye on any bolts or screws that might come loose over time and tighten them as necessary.

In summary, taking care of your garden furniture during winter is essential for its longevity and appearance. With the above tips and the fantastic range of protective products from Lifestyle Garden Furniture, you can be confident that your garden setup will be ready to shine once the warmer days return.

Dive into the world of Lifestyle Garden at Shackletons and ensure your furniture makes it through the winter months. Browse our collection online today, call us on 01200 444488 or email for any enquiries and a member of our team will be happy to help.


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